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The Calming Seas of San Juan, La Union

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SAN JUAN, LA UNION - It's beyond humid but the experience beats it all. The laidbackness during the weekdays is calming yet the liveliness during the weekends is invigorating. San Juan is 5-7 hours bus trip from Manila going to the North (There are lots of San Juan in the Philippines so be sure to note that it is San Juan, La Union and not other San Juans in Manila, Ilocos, etc.). Once you reach San Fernando City, La Union, it's only 5 - 10 minutes to your destination - URBIZTONDO - the main gist of the experience.

There are lots of accommodation types in the area from expensive ones (and hifalutin ones) to inexpensive ones (still hifalutin in creativity and style). Accommodations are lined up in Urbiztondo and to choose what's best for you, you can walk along the beach and knock on all the resorts, houses and nipa huts you can see to ogle and decide. If you want the "pausing" party or nightlife - choose the ones in the Urbiztondo; but if you want "solemnity" and calmness or simple, being alone, walk 10 - 20 minutes along the beach towards Final Options (which I think is the farthest resort from Urbiztondo) and you can pass by "accommodations" which may suit your "alone time".

Experience Filipino food and international foods (cooked by Filipinos, some though are cooked by foreigners) and of course, the beach and the beach and everything else that is offered nearby San Juan. It's simply laidback, enjoy the sights and the uniqueness of each destination. Don't forget to make friends with the locals - being a stranger in a tourist area is still strange so it's good to greet someone everynow and then with Kumusta (pronounced as it is spelled)... and feel the perks of having local friends. :-)

I have always been a city girl so calming time for me is to not hear anything from the outside, but my stay in San Juan taught me that, cliche as it is, nature sounds are really calming - the continuous crashing of the waves, and everything else that can be found while living on the coast.... Simply watching the waves play on their own gives peace to the inner me. I am not sentimental or anything, but, it's real. Then, if you get bored with the camlness, wait for the weekend nights where laidback party is themed with "gypsiness" and "trying out".

Can't figure out what to say next so if you want to know more about San Juan, La Union, just figure out where I'm holed up.

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